Green Roofs

Hertalan EPDM is not only water proof, it is also 100% root resistant to the highest German FLL green roof standards! This means we can install an environmentally friendly GREEN ROOF or ROOF GARDEN that will not only help extend the life of your flat roof but also reduce water runoff, help cool your building in the summer, create a better environment for urban living and look terrific!

Adding a Green Roof to your building can

  • Reduce costs and Co2 emissions
  • Increase biodiversity and habitat
  • They are low maintenance
  • Attractive and could help gain planning permission

Green Roofs can help cut costs as they help reduce the CO2 emissions by increasing the insulation properties providing heat retention in the winter and helping cool in during the summer therefore reducing energy consumption

Green Roofs help alleviate pressure on the urban drainage systems by reducing run off by upto 70% . The plants also filter the water and transfer it back to the atmosphere.

Green roofs are low maintenance and provide further protection to the roof structure and can double the life or your roof further reducing costs

Green Roofs are not only visually attractive but can also provide habitat for wildlife by increasing biodiversity in urban areas and can therefore dramatically help when applying for planning permission.

Green Roofs not only insulate they provide sound deadening and help increase your standard of living both environmentally and aesthetically.

For both Intensive and extensive green roofs it is very important that all the joints are 100% root resistant. To achieve this we use the successfully tested and certified easy.weld EW-joint technique. The tests were undertaken by the German institute Gartenbauzentrum in Essen. Hertalan EPDM is tough enough to even resist the most invasive roots, Bamboo!

Adding a Green Roof will extend the life of your roof look terrific and is still covered by your 20 YEAR MANUFACTURERS GUARENTEE from Hertalan and Sussex Green Roofs.