Traditional 'bituminous' Flat Roofs have a short lifespan. Even the most expensive don't come close to having a 20 year manufacturers warranty of EPDM like those fitted by Sussex Green Roofs

Felt Roofs will always fail due to

  1. Lack of flexibility
  2. Failing joints
  3. Exposure to weathering

Bituminous felt should also be laid using boiling tar and naked flame to melt it all together increasing the risk of fire and extensive damage to your property! As you can imagine it is not too environmentally friendly or sustainable either! The cost of repeated replacement also builds over the years and the need for a quick repair of a leaking roof and subsequent damage could be huge!

What is ePDM?

Ethylene Propylene Diene Membrane, is a single ply synthetic rubber membrane with some remarkable properties. Hertalan EPDM can:

  • Stretch to 3 times its size, allowing it to accomodate a range of building movements
  • Withstands temperatures from -70 C to +120 C. This makes it suitable for extreme climates
  • Has no joints or weak points giving it total resistance to water and roots.
  • Awkward areas can have prefabricated detail welded in place on-site. These are also totally root resistant and waterproof
  • 100% ozone and UV resistant, immune to even the strongest summer sun
  • Root resistant to the highest German FLL green roof standards, resistant to the most invasive plant roots, so perfect for a Green Roof
  • Complies with all current building regulations and can be rapidly installed
  • Self extinguishing (NEN 6383) and bitumen resistant
  • Has a life expectancy of well over 50 years!
  • EPDM carries the backing of Greenpeace as being the most sustainable product available for flat roofs!
  • When fitted by Sussex Green Roofs comes with a 20 YEAR MANUFACURERS GUARANTEE for peace of mind

All of these features of EPDM mean there should be no need to maintain a roof fitted by Sussex Green Roofs. Just call, install and don't worry at all.